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Our mission


Just like when it was formed, the main goal of reviving the forum is to complement government’s efforts in reforming the criminal justice system by advocating for an independent body to oversee the police service, enshrined operational independence of the police, advocate for improved arrest and detention procedures and promotion of non-custodial sentence.  These measures, if the advocacy is successful, will have a significant impact on reducing torture and inhumane treatment – particularly by the police and prisons. Independence of the police, and accountability, is likely to also improve freedom of expression.

This intervention will be in line with both global and national policies and development plans. In particular the Forum supports the achievement of goal number 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals which strives at promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development by providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. At the national level, the Forum’s work will be supporting Second Five Year Plan of the United Republic of Tanzania whose intervention on good governance aims at improving the Police Force and Prison Services by largely building their capacity to execute their roles effectively.


Below are broad advocacy points that the coalition will advocate for as part of its initial work in the coming two years:

  1. Have in place an effective oversight body to monitor and ensure accountability of the police (includes auxiliary police, community police).
  2. Facilitating alternative use of non-custodial sentences.
    1. Revive Community Services Act – prisoners sent to community service instead of custodial penalties.  This will reduce custodial sentence by 50% probably.
    2. Advocate probation services as well.
    3. Restorative justice.
  3. Advocate for reduction of arrest and detention:
    1. Ensure police/prison bail is a right
    2. Advocacy for decriminalization of certain offences
  4. Independence of the Police and Prison Services.

Police Reform

Improved Police Accountability
Operational responsibility of Tanzania Police Force
Facilities and equipment

Pre-Trial Detention

Reduction in pre-trial detainees
Pre-trial detainees to be held separate to those actually sentenced

Prison Reform

Encourage alternatives to prisons
Improved basic standards for prisons and places of detention
Independence of Prison Service