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Haki na Usalama (Justice and Security) Forum’s history begins in December 2012, when the Forum was established by the members of the Tanganyika Law Society, Legal and Human Rights Centre, National Organisation for Legal Assistance, Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. Haki na Usalama had an advocacy position platform, rules of operation and a coordinating agency: the Tanganyika Law Society.

Among other things the forum’s main goal was to complement and advocate for democratic reforms in criminal justice system. Since its formation, several activities geared towards achieving its goals have been conducted. Such include collection, compilation and submission of members’ views to the Constitution Review Committee on reforming the criminal justice system.

Going forward, with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and under the coordination of Tanganyika Law Society and technical assistance from the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, the Forum has been revived in 2016 to promote criminal justice reform and, in particular, democratic model of policing. The forum now includes a variety of stakeholders, and provides vital space where the stakeholders can have conversation about police reform.