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Second Stakeholders Meeting of Haki na Usalama

Second Stakeholders Meeting of Haki na Usalama

Haki na Usalama’s Second Stakeholders Meetingtook place on October 10, 2016 in Dar es Salaam. It was hosted by the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) and featured wide representation of actors interested in better policing.

The main item of the meeting’s agenda was the launch of the Forum’s paper, entitled “The Police and the Executive: Roles and Responsibilities“. The Participants also debated the draft of Forum’s governance policy.

Launching the paper, Hon. Iddi Ramadhani Mapuri, Vice Chairman of CHRAGG, emphasised that “Tanzania, like in other Commonwealth Countries, cannot be left behind in reforming its laws and policing models including creating a better relationship between Police and Executive to enable the Police Force to act responsibly.” He further stressed on the importance of formulating a comprehensive framework on Police-Executive relationship, praising the paper for “adding value to the ongoing internal reforms within the Tanzania Police Force(TPF), in order to achieve independent and democratic policing Tanzania”.

Dr. Kevin Mandopi, CHRAGG’s Commissioner, presented in detail the paper to the participants, focusing on four cornerstones of operational responsibility, defined by the paper:

  • Legal framework that clearly delineate roles, responsibilities and relationships between police and the executive;
  • Independent nature of police leadership with clear and fair procedure for the Head of Police appointment, security of tenure, and guarantees against political meddling enshrined in law;
  • Independent, transparent and fair procedures of recruitment, appointment, promotion, transfer and disciplinary control within police; and
  • Well defined and adequate sources of financing of the police.

Please see attached documents for more information:

  1. Programme of Second Stakeholders Meeting
  2. Key note address by Hon. Iddi Ramadhani Mapuri
  3. Presentation of the paper by Dr. Kevin Mandopi
  4. Paper “The Police and the Executive: Roles and Responsibilities”